Couple holding hands on beach cliffs

One of the BEST San Diego engagement session spots is located in north SD county! Here’s a sweet little peek into some Carlsbad Cliffs Engagement photos taken this past December. 

For this engagement session we shot from the beginning of golden hour until blue hour; that time when the sun goes away and there’s still gorgeous light in the sky. It’s one of my favorite times to shoot because the light is gorgeous in the opposite direction from how it would be during golden hour and it makes it so we can switch up the angles we’ve been shooting in for the session.

Little tip: Make sure to ask your photographer about shooting into blue hour! Or bring it up to me here if you want me to be your photographer!

Couple hugging on the cliffs

The engagement session:

S & J reached out to me to shoot their Carlsbad engagement session and wanted a beachy vibe. This spot really delivered on that! Check out the shot below of the surfer saying bye to his friends in the background. I love that S & J  were SO down to run around all over the beach and just had so much fun with me. They also opted for an outfit change towards the end of our time together and both changed into something a little more formal to finish out the session. 

I love how adventurous S & J were during this session! I don’t always have couples who want to balance at the top of the cliffs to get those wide shots with the ocean below but these two were SO down with it. It made me super excited! Having cliffside engagement photos to hang on your walls is such an advantage to this spot and I think the photos turned out SO good! 

IF you have your session here make sure to head down the street afterwards to grab dinner at the Carlsbad Windmill food hall! The Thai food there is SO good and its the best casual post-photo-sessino spiot.

Couple kissing on the beach

Carlsbad Cliffs Engagement Photos

April 19, 2024