One thing I absolutely LOVE is shooting in the desert. There is a huge variety of desert-y places we can choose from for your engagement session or your elopement that are all local to southern California. The light in our local desert landscapes is just perfect for a golden hour elopement or engagement session. Then we have a blue hour light once the sun goes down which is equally mesmerizing and beautiful. Seriously, if you haven’t had a chance to venture out to our deserts yet, what are you waiting for?! Here are a few examples of some of my favorite locations to give you an idea of where we can go for your session! I also have many more desert locations up my sleeve so don’t be afraid to reach out and we can plan your session or your dream elopement.

Sandy engagement session without the beach? The Sand Dunes!

There are multiple areas in southern California that are PERFECT for a desert engagement session with beautiful sand dunes. I know of quite a few in different areas, like Glamis, and even a secret little spot much closer to LA! The dunes are so fun to run down and play in all day. PLUS we get to go barefoot the whole time!!

Man made but still somehow so cool! Palm Springs Windmills!

Something is so dreamy and magical about having your desert engagement session at the Palm Springs Windmills! I love shooting here, there’s so many windmill areas we can explore and get those pretty shots you see all over instagram! The only thing is oh man it gets windy (duh) so just be prepared with a cute hair clip or hat and some chapstick to combat those dry winds! Or, forget the hair clips, hair blowing in the breeze makes photos feel so alive!

Nothing like it on earth! Joshua Tree!

I think it’s safe to say that no Southern California desert photo location list would be complete without including Joshua tree! There is obviously so much variety within the park. BUT there are also some gorgeous hidden gems outside of the National Park that make great photo backdrops including some of the prettiest Air bnbs ever! We can even stay out late to get some photos of the stars. While you no longer need a permit for some engagement sessions here you still do for elopements so be sure to double check that you’re covered before you arrive!

Abandoned Places!

Yup, all the abandoned things! Our local deserts are FULL of them and if you’re careful, there are tons of really neat abandoned things in the desert that make amazing photo session backgrounds. I’m constantly scouting for them and I love that they’re ever changing due to the weather and human influence.

Desert Overlooks!

I feel like locations like this speak for themselves. This is one of my favorite spots in Southern CA for an adventure session. I love coming here to explore and there are endless photo opportunities at this particular spot including some fake little sand dunes AND slot canyons!

There are seriously SO MANY MORE spots I know of that one blog post couldn’t possibly cover them all! Reach out to plan your dream desert elopement or engagement session!

January 25, 2022

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